BRAD PITT (with Quentin Tarintino)

Discusses Prom Night in Mississippi

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Prom Night in Mississippi

Theatrical Opening Night

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Prom Night in Mississippi

First Integrated Prom

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'The Last White Knight’

Is Reconciliation Possible?

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Moving Beyond Prejudice

Edison State College

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About our Subjects

Musician and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte is one of the subjects of our newest film, The Last White Knight.
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Being the Change

With the inspiration of Hollywood star Morgan Freeman, Moving Beyond Prejudice's campaign to fight prejudice and bullying is spreading across North America.
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A Lifelong Quest

In 1965, 21 year-old Paul Saltzman, a Canadian civil rights worker, was assaulted by a member of the KKK and arrested by the police in Jackson, Mississippi.
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The MBP experience was undoubtedly unique and the integration with the students you created afterwards was fantastic. I was worried for you. I’d never seen a guest to our school successfully engage our students in such a large group—what followed was truly awesome. The feeling leaving the screening was that of euphoria and getting back to class the discussion continued, and my class was closer to understanding one another that much better.

Steven Bates, Teacher, Calc, City Adult Learning Center